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Product Spotlight

March 11, 2019


Roof Underlayment For High Temperatures

MFM Building Products’ Premium HT Tile & Metal is a high temperature roofing underlayment. It is a self-adhering roofing underlayment that is composed of a high-grade, reinforced polyester fabric laminated to a high temperature asphalt adhesive system. It has a fiberglass-reinforced core for extreme durability. The product features a 3″ selvedge edge to ensure a secure, monolithic seal. It comes with a 30-year limited warranty. Visit MFM Building Products

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Patina Changes Over Time

Ashley Norton now offers White Medium Patina, a pewter-toned shade, for its architectural hardware. This shade harmonizes with both traditional and modern design themes and develops a patina when exposed to the natural environment, allowing it to age gracefully throughout the life of the hardware. It is an oxidized version of the company’s White Bronze finish which shares the base bronze metal. The White Medium Patina is hand-applied to each art-grade bronze piece. This finish is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Visit Ashley Norton or call 1-800-393-1097

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Tape Measures Have Two-sided Blade Design

Apex Tool Group’s Crescent Lufkin Shockforce and Nite Eye tape measures feature a two-sided blade design and 14՛ of standout. As tape measures are one of the most used tools on the jobsite, these products are designed to withstand heavy usage and drops. The compact design features metal ‘roll bars’ to protect the lock button against drop impact damage, while the simulated diamond-coated end hook provides strong hook grasp to prevent surface slippage. The dual-sided print combined with enhanced print size provide easier legibility for measuring. The Nite Eye also offers a high visibility green-on-matte black blade to be seen in any light condition. Visit Crescent Tool

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Impact Resistant Glazing Available For Garage Doors

Haas Door has expanded its Residential Aluminum 360 Series (RA360) garage doors to include four new impact resistant options. The RA360 Series can now be enhanced with clear, bronze, dark grey, and pebble impact resistant glazing. The garage doors include more than 30 glass options including non-impact resistant insulated, non-insulated specialty glass offerings and impact resistant glazing. The rust- and corrosion-free RA360 Series aluminum garage doors come in a modern contemporary style for residential applications. Visit Haas Door



Siding Made With High-tensile Strength Aluminum

Kaycan’s Urbanix aluminum siding offers a smooth, modern look with solid, low gloss, bold colours, or authentic wood tones. Manufactured with high tensile strength aluminum, these exterior products are versatile and durable while being sustainable by using chrome-free processes and waste minimization through recycling and reusing. The siding is 0.027″ thick by 6″ wide. Kaycan offers a 40-year warranty on its Urbanix products. Visit Kaycan Urbanix

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