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Younger Generations Key Market For Garden Categories

Published: August 25, 2017

Garden centres should target people in their thirties and households with children under 12 years-old, finds a report by GfK. It shows nearly a third of the online population across 17 countries do gardening or yard work either daily or weekly. This group is made up of a quarter (24 per cent), who garden at least once a week, and a further seven per cent who garden every day or most days. This outweighs the 24 per cent who say they never do gardening. As for Canada, 28 per cent of respondents say they garden daily or weekly, with 23 per cent gardening at least once a week and five per cent gardening daily.

The data also reveals clear potential to market to people in their thirties, says GfK. When it comes to frequency of doing gardening or yard work, people aged 60 plus are just in the lead, with 36 per cent saying they garden daily or weekly - but they are very closely followed by people in their thirties, at 35 per cent. Added to this, nearly a quarter of those aged 60 plus say they never garden, but this drops to closer to a fifth of those aged in their thirties - making the 30 to 39 year-olds an attractive group for garden centres to target with offers and promotions.

Gardening With Kids

Another group that presents opportunity for garden centre is households with young children. For people living in households with children aged 12 or under, nearly 40 per cent do gardening or yard work daily or weekly, while only 17 per cent say they never garden. For people living in households with teenagers, daily or weekly gardeners drop to 31 per cent, and non-gardeners rise to nearly a quarter (24 per cent). And for households with no children under 20 years old, daily or weekly gardeners drop to just 27 per cent, while non-gardeners rise to 29 per cent.

A third of people in rent accommodation garden at least once a month, or more often.
People who own their residence are twice as likely to do gardening or yard work daily or weekly, compared to those in rented accommodation (36 per cent versus 18 per cent). However, only 41 per cent of people in rented accommodation say that they never do gardening, meaning that the majority of this group is still a potential audience for retailers of garden plants, tools, ornaments, or furniture - especially items such as potted shrubs that can be readily transported if the person moves home.