Lee Valley Launches Contactless Shopping Capability

Lee Valley Tools is taking its in-store COVID-19 precautions a step further with the launch of a mobile shopping tool, which incorporates the JavaScript edition of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. Integrated with Lee Valley's website, LeeValley.com, the tool allows for mobile contactless shopping in each of its 20 locations across the country. Over the last six months, the retailer has enacted a variety of in-store safety measures based on guidance from public health officials including mandatory mask or face coverings, providing hand sanitizer, and encouraging physical distancing protocols, all in an effort to maintain customer health and safety. The launch of the mobile feature brings an added level of safety to the in-store shopping experience. Customers don't need to download anything on their mobile device, instead they simply visit LeeValley.com when they enter the physical store, click on the barcode icon, select their store location, and start shopping. The online feature allows customers to scan an item's bar code and see a full description of every product offered by Lee Valley Tools before deciding to purchase, providing a completely contactless shopping experience with no physical products touched in store and a smooth check out process.