Quebec Leads Construction Activity Recovery

Canadian construction activity continues to recover after an initial drop in the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, says Procore Technologies, Inc. Its ‘Construction Activity Index,’ which tracks weekly changes in worker hours, shows Quebec has seen the strongest rebound of all of the included provinces. Alberta continues to experience less activity than before the pandemic. Overall, worker hours rose 11 per cent above the March 16 baseline during the weeks of August 17 and September 14. These are the highest levels of activity tracked by the index. Quebec saw the sharpest initial decline in activity, with worker hours dropping 97 per cent below the baseline the week of April 5, before recovering through May and June. During the Quebec construction holiday, the weeks of July 20 and July 27, activity briefly dipped again (92 per cent and 95 per cent below baseline, respectively) and has been strong since then. In Alberta, activity has hovered around the baseline, rising to a peak of six per cent above baseline the week of April 20. But since the week of June 8, activity has been below the baseline for 17 consecutive weeks. Ontario has been recovering since the week of May 25, with activity reaching a peak of 25 per cent above the baseline the week of September 14. Of all the provinces, British Columbia has been least affected. Its activity has been consistently above the baseline with the exception of a few small drops in April and June. At its highest, activity was 31 per cent above the baseline the weeks of June 15 and September 28.