Technological Modernization Key To Success

The companies that are best positioned for success are ones that have modernized their organizational processes and business strategies, says a survey by MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with VMware. It says the COVID-19 pandemic has changed ‒ and accelerated ‒ the IT plans of most organizations. Those companies that were already on the path to modernization are now pressuring competitors to speed up digital transformation efforts. One dramatic change resulting from the crisis was the unprecedented shift to remote work. Before COVID-19, on average only eight per cent of workforces regularly worked remotely. During the pandemic, this increased to an average of 27 per cent. Organizations cite employee experience, security, and efficiency as top demands for remote work. "Even before the pandemic, organizations had to be agile and nimble," says Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer, VMware. "Today, this is even more essential, and organizations across all industries are adapting with new technologies to thrive in this unpredictable world."