Pandemic Has Created Home Trends

Home offices, intergenerational living, gourmet kitchens, backyard oases, and smart and safe technologies are among the top home trends for 2021, says Zillow, a real estate website. It says that the events of 2020 have changed the way people live inside their homes. And, as they spend more time in their homes, they are rethinking their functionality. The desire for a home with a dedicated office tops Zillow’s list of why people would consider a move. As of November, the number of real estate listings that mention ‘home office’ or ‘Zoom room’ increased by 48.5 per cent compared to the same time last year. Intergenerational living will rise in popularity as young adults and grandparents alike find themselves moving in with family for financial and health reasons. Currently, one in six Americans live in multigenerational households. Spending more time at home due to the pandemic encouraged people to start new hobbies in the kitchen; a survey by Zillow shows 41 per cent of people value a well-equipped kitchen more than before as a result of social distancing recommendations. It also shows more people will want the space to show off their new culinary skills in 2021. As well, a yard that is safe and functional has taken on renewed importance with 41 per cent of people appreciating the value of a large outdoor space more as a result of social distancing recommendations. As for technology, it is more vital than ever that homes stay as germ-free as possible, and smart-home technology can help achieve that goal with products like touchless appliances, self-cleaning toilets, and bidets. And while a lot of these products are niche right now, they will evolve to become the standard in home design.