Homeowners Pick Up Tool Skills During Pandemic

More than three-quarters of Americans have honed their home improvement skills during the COVID-19 pandemic to help create new and renovate existing spaces to better serve their needs and improve the functionality of their homes while they spend more time there, says a survey from CRAFTSMAN, a Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. brand. The ‘CRAFTSMAN Built@Home’ survey says six in 10 homeowners wish they had more skills or know-how to accomplish home improvement projects. As a result, more than half (51 per cent) have learned new home renovation skills this year – 44 per cent of women compared to 58 per cent of men. It found that people spent their time working on a variety of home renovation projects during the pandemic, with more than three-quarters of Americans (76 per cent) having worked on at least one home improvement project in 2020. The most common indoor renovations were painting a room, creating a home office, and remodelling the kitchen. For outdoor projects, 32 per cent of men have completed a garden overhaul since the onset of the COVID-19, while 22 per cent of women have done the same. To complete their projects, many homeowners learned to use power tools for the first time. They learned to use power tools such as drills, sanders, and table saws during the pandemic. When it comes to learning home renovation skills during the pandemic, homeowners are primarily turning to websites and social media, with YouTube ranked as the top source. More than 60 per cent of homeowners feel their experiences during the pandemic mean they will likely tackle more home renovation projects long-term.