Small Business Leads Parcel Delivery Growth

In 2017, Canada Post delivered one million parcels on 67 different days, mostly during the holiday season. In 2020, it started delivering a million or more parcels a day in mid-April and it continued right through to the end of the year – 181 consecutive delivery days, it says. During the two weeks leading up to and including Christmas Eve, it delivered just under 20 million parcels to Canadians, with a record 2.4 million of those delivered in one day –Monday, December 21. A key learning from 2020 is that small- and medium-sized businesses quickly transitioned and grew their online sales in significant numbers. The number of parcels Canada Post received from small businesses grew by more than 50 per cent in 2020 compared to 2019. Much of that growth occurred as they ramped up sales in the fourth quarter ‒ growth of 62 per cent in October, 73 per cent in November, and 85 per cent in December. As well, most Canadians are now confident online shoppers. They will continue to buy more items more often from a wide variety of retailers.