Pandemic Drives Home Design Trends

The need for adaptive spaces, home sanctuary, intuitive design, and a concern for the environment are the four key themes that will influence home design in 2021, says Masonite International Corporation. Research conducted in partnership with trends intelligence agency Stylus shows these design trends have developed from changes in lifestyle created by the pandemic. “Our lives have changed dramatically in the past year,” says Jennifer Renaud, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer at Masonite. “Those changes have directly impacted what families want, need, and expect in their homes.” The pandemic has upended the way homeowners use their spaces, which now function as offices, schools, and gyms. The result is a need for zoned spaces, multi-functional furniture, and practical, yet contemporary, decor. The pandemic also changed the way people feel inside their homes. Security and safety are a priority, from secure locking systems to sanitized surfaces. People are spending more time at home than ever before, so they want to create a comfortable home sanctuary. They also want their spaces to be less intimidating and more intuitive, resulting in a secure, peaceful atmosphere that considers ergonomics and comfort in design. As well, homeowners’ concern for the environment and desire to support local communities are driving a preference for locally sourced, sustainable materials.