Home Preferences Vary Between Genders

There's no denying that COVID-19 changed everything over the last year including the home features most in demand, says a survey by Zolo. At first, men and women appeared to be on the same page with a preference for three-bedroom (40 per cent), two-bathroom (49 per cent), detached house (73 per cent) with a garage (70 per cent), and a master bedroom that included an en suite (68 per cent). However, men and women differ in what they want in a home. Women want updated HVAC (newer furnace and central air conditioning unit) – 73 per cent, patio or deck – 65 per cent, updated kitchen – 64 per cent, and walk-in closets – 60 per cent. Men want a private outdoor space – 71 per cent, updated kitchen – 67 per cent, energy saving appliances – 60 per cent, and hardwood floors – 57 per cent. The responses from home shoppers in the 2021 survey indicates a shift towards more dedicated living spaces, both inside and outside of the home, along with money-saving upgrades that can improve livability and lower the cost of living.