TIMBER MART Show Has Record Attendance

With over 1,600 dealer and vendor participants in attendance, TIMBER MART’s Virtual Buying Show, which took place from February 8 to 11, had record attendance this year. The show hosted hundreds of TIMBER MART members from across the country and a wide range of building material and hardlines vendors who saw over 50,000 dealer booth visits throughout the event. Members live chatted, downloaded brochures, watched promotional videos, and took advantage of show specials at vendors’ booths. The show floor featured a virtual ‘Store on the Floor’ where vendors presented a wide range of SKUs and store-planning ideas for members to explore for in-store use, as well as a TIMBER MART area that showcased all of the group’s offerings, including marketing programs and support, its LBM distribution centres, lumber trading, and procurement. The show was hosted on a cloud-based virtual tradeshow platform and was assisted by IQ Business Events.