Business Texting Gains Traction

One of the permanent changes to come out of COVID-19 is the way consumers and businesses communicate, says research from Zipwhip, a business-texting platform in the U.S. Seventy per cent of businesses are texting their customers today. It has gained traction in the past five years as channels like eMail have become more crowded and the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated adoption. Out of all businesses that started texting in 2020, 34 per cent did so as a direct result of the pandemic and 77 per cent of those businesses say they’ll keep texting after it’s through. The increase in business texting matches consumer behaviour and demands. Most consumers (58 per cent) say that between texts, phone calls, or eMails, texts are the best way for businesses to reach them quickly. With in-person interactions curtailed, consumers are turning to their phones instead. Sixty-four per cent of consumers are spending more time on their personal cell phones every day, and of those, 26 per cent are spending more than four additional hours a day on their devices. And the attachment starts early in the day – 67 per cent of consumers check their phones within five minutes of waking up in the morning and 34 per cent check them immediately, a 62 per cent increase from last year. This behaviour can be attributed to COVID-19 and the many other crises that 2020 brought. More than ever before, consumers felt the need to read the latest news and check in with loved ones the moment they woke up.