Safety Precautions Are Here To Stay

Almost all consumers (96 per cent) say they will continue to take personal safety precautions while shopping whether or not they get a vaccine for COVID-19, says a report from Shopkick, a shopping rewards app. Only 48 per cent of consumers that have received the vaccine feel more comfortable shopping in-store now, so retailers will have to remain vigilant with cleaning and safety measures for the foreseeable future. The precautions most important to consumers include wearing protective face coverings (93 per cent), using disinfectants (87 per cent), shopping at less busy times (66 per cent), using debit or credit cards to avoid exchanging cash (66 per cent), using self-checkout (58 per cent), or wearing protective gloves (21 per cent). Sixty-two per cent of shoppers say that enforcing these guidelines will influence where they choose to shop.