Shear Wall Adds Structural Strength

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Strong-Wall is a high-strength wood shear wall (WSWH), a versatile, high-performance solution for lateral-force resistance in light-frame residential and commercial construction. The code-listed, prefabricated WSWH has a patented design that provides the highest allowable loads for a wide variety of applications. And unlike other shear walls, the high-strength WSWH is fabricated from a wood-based material that is field trimmable for the ultimate in fit and flexibility at the jobsite. Ideal for providing additional structural strength and lateral-force resistance in areas subject to earthquakes and high winds, it can be used in standard, garage portal, and balloon framing applications. The shear walls are supplied with top-of-wall shear transfer plates, nuts, washers, and installation instructions and are wrapped to provide protection from the elements on the jobsite.