Multi-functional Spaces Lead Home Design Trends

With homeowners spending more time at home over the last year due to the pandemic, their wants and needs for their homes have changed and they are looking for more flexibility, says a report from the Plan Collection, a North American online home design provider. It says that people are looking for design options that allow their favourite spaces to feel as expansive, versatile, and comforting as possible. A major trend the company sees is an increase in multi-functional or ‘flex’ spaces that can easily transition from one function to the next. In fact, this trend is replacing the ‘open concept’ trend. Double kitchen islands are a favourite for homeowners. This trend, as part of the multi-functional space trend, ensures that free space is always available for preparing meals. It also allows consumers to abandon the traditional kitchen table altogether. Double islands can be found in surprisingly small kitchens when sized accordingly. People are also expanding garages, which are now used for more than just vehicles and recreational toys. They also serve as workshops and, increasingly, casual gathering places. The three-car garage has shifted from a luxury to a necessity and is a significant feature in multi-generational homes. Socially distanced gatherings have led to creative outdoor spaces, with covered porches and decks that can be enjoyed year-round.