Canada Leads In Small Business Grants

Canada tops the ‘Innovation Investment Index’ as the country that has the most government spending on new business, says a report by The index scores 18 of the world’s most powerful economies based on the amount of money put aside for new business grants, number of start-ups, and number of total businesses in the country to give an index score out of 60. Scoring 44.5 out of 60 points, Canada tops the index, making it the nation with the most support to keep its businesses flourishing into 2021. And it appears to be working. Almost half of all businesses registered in Canada are start-ups (52.6 per cent) ‒ and with 413 new business grants making up to $194,000 available to new businesses offered by the government ‒ it’s easy to see why the Canadians are ahead of the pack. Per individual grant, Belgium makes the most funding available (up to $544,645), followed by Denmark ($311,226) and the U.S. ($221,333). Germany has one of the lowest start-up business ratios in the index at 0.17 per cent and just 0.04 businesses per head overall.