Shopper Behaviour Continues Changing Through Pandemic

High-value shoppers make up 60 per cent of total website purchases, so it is imperative that retailers analyze and understand their shopping behaviours – especially as behaviours change through the pandemic – so that marketers can best cater to them in the months ahead, says an eBook, ‘FACES,’ by NetElixir, a digital marketing agency. An analysis of more than two million unique online high-value shopper paths-to-purchase shows consumers are trail-blazing quicker and more intentional paths. Despite more frequent website visits prior to sale, purchasing time is on an overall decrease. Multiple factors may be causing this behavioural shift – more online time due to stay-at-home orders, greater general anxieties leading to impulse decisions, immediate needs, and the prominence of shipping delays that ran prevalent during the first few months of the pandemic. Mobile is becoming the primary device driver for every shopping category, with its dominance projected to continue throughout 2021. Mobile phones now drive more than 72 per cent of all website shopping sessions and 55 per cent of all website sales. This is a figure expected to rise throughout the course of 2021. As well, consumers are willing to spend more on gift giving, even if it means cutting back on themselves. The number of items per order dropped by an average of 17 per cent during the initial eight months of the pandemic with many shoppers only buying items that were absolute necessities. While the number of items remained on a decline during the holiday shopping season, the price per item averaged 27 per cent to 30 per cent higher. This seemingly indicates that during a difficult year, consumers want their gifts to be special. NetElixir forecasts this is a trend that will continue to hold throughout 2021.