Clorox Wipes Help Transition To Public Spaces

Despite Canadians' excitement to re-engage and be out in the world in the months ahead, there are still concerns that high-touch public areas aren't being disinfected properly says a survey by Clorox Canada. Over half of Canadians say they are uncomfortable with how often public bathrooms (57 per cent), door handles (54 per cent), gas station pumps (51 per cent), and elevator buttons (51 per cent) are disinfected. And many would rather take matters into their own hands just to be on the safe side. Half (51 per cent) say they wish they were able to disinfect surfaces outside their homes, especially women and those with younger children. Sixty-two per cent of those surveyed agree they would be more confident going out if they knew they had a disinfecting wipe or spray with them while on-the-go.