Connecting Online Top Focus

Small business owners say their online presence (51 per cent) and selling online (38 per cent) have been essential to their survival through the pandemic. As a result, connecting with customers online is the top focus for small businesses in 2021, along with paying down debt and improving their websites, says research for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and Google Canada. Canadians will be able to shop from many of these businesses online even after the pandemic ends as 48 per cent of all business owners say they plan to sell online post-pandemic. Only two per cent of businesses are going to turn away from selling online after lockdowns and social distancing restrictions end. One in four small businesses that will be selling online post-pandemic say the driving force for them to continue with eCommerce is because it has been a success for them already. The top reasons to sell online post-pandemic are about potential revenue growth and enhancing competitiveness.