Wood Product Manufacturing Decreased In 2019

Total revenue of Canadian manufacturers increased by 1.5 per cent or $11 billion to $749.6 billion in 2019, says Statistics Canada. This is the fourth consecutive annual increase, up 13.9 per cent since 2015. Revenue from goods manufactured (revenue from goods manufactured also includes revenue from manufacturing service fees and custom work, as well as from repair work), which accounted for 94 per cent of total revenue, recorded an annual increase of 1.4 per cent or $9.7 billion to reach $702.5 billion in 2019. This was driven mostly by transportation equipment manufacturing ($7.6 billion to $138.7 billion), food manufacturing ($5.2 billion to $109.6 billion), and fabricated metal product manufacturing ($3.2 billion to $42.4 billion). The gains in revenue from goods manufactured were curbed mostly by decreases seen in wood product manufacturing ($4.3 billion to $31.6 billion) and primary metal manufacturing ($3.6 billion to $49.3 billion). Revenue from wood product manufacturing fell 11.9 per cent in 2019, following seven consecutive increases which had resulted in a growth of 80.5 per cent. Domestic and United States demand for Canadian wood products declined in 2019 as housing starts in Canada were down two per cent to 208,685 units in 2019, while exports of wood products to the United States fell 14.8 per cent or $2.2 billion to $12.3 billion.