Customer, Employee Experience Key Advantage

A combination of enhanced customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) has become a key competitive advantage in creating brand awareness and maintaining customer loyalty, says a Frost & Sullivan thought leadership paper entitled, ‘Putting Customers at the Center: A 360-Degree View.’ As a result, companies worldwide are investing significantly in improving the CX and EX in an omnichannel environment. "Sales support and technical agents are now using a wider arsenal of communication tools ‒ voice, video, eMail, IVR, web chat, virtual assistants, bots, collaboration and file sharing, and social media," says Michael DeSalles, a principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The benefits are clear: a better experience for the customer, lower times to resolution, deeper relationships, stronger loyalty, and, ultimately, more sales opportunities and increased revenues. Omnichannel customer engagement is all about building relationships. This phenomenon has changed the technology needs of the modern contact centre." Some imperatives to keep in mind when switching to a digital-first model include adapting rapidly and at scale to proactively engage and be there for customers; leveraging customer data in a hybrid work model to proactively make decisions; and developing and mastering a single view of the customer and using it to inform every part of the business.