LG WashTower Comes To Canada

LG Electronics Canada (LG) is bringing the LG WashTower to the Canadian market. Launching nationwide, the unit requires half the footprint that is required by traditional side-by-side laundry units. It has full-size features in half the space with the centre control panel positioning both washer and dryer controls in the middle of the stacked set. With the shared centralized control panel, the unit is 3.4 inches shorter than LG's historical stacked units – allowing it to fit into nearly any laundry space. The WashTower also has a built-in AIDD intelligence that uses sensors to detect fabric softness and load size and then automatically selects the right wash motions and cycle time for fabric care. It can even tell the dryer the right compatible drying cycle. This appliance is ENERGY STAR certified from ENERGY STAR Canada ensuring that the washer and dryer use 25 per cent less energy and 33 per cent less water than traditional models.