Homeowners Planning Spring Home Improvement Projects

Over three quarters of households across the U.S. and Canada are planning at least one home improvement project this spring, says a survey from Flipp, the go-to free shopping and savings app. Even with the current COVID climate, shoppers are planning to set aside a budget for sprucing up their home. Nearly 80 per cent are planning to spend between $100 to $5,000 for indoor projects, while over 60 per cent of respondents are planning to spend up to $500 on outdoor renovations. Additional findings from the survey reveal the majority of home improvement projects in the U.S. will get started in March through May, while Canadian residents are more likely to wait to kick things off between April through June. As well, 90 per cent of shoppers have flexible budgets to ensure they get the job done right. Most projects will take at least two weeks to complete. Many consumers plan to tackle more than one room, most commonly the shared spaces in the home. Nearly 40 per cent plan to do work on the living/family room.