Half Of Homeowners Planning To Upgrade

Almost half of Americans that don’t plan to sell their homes say they will be (or consider) upgrading or remodeling their homes this year, says a survey by Bio Bidet, a developer of kitchen and bath products. These home ‘upgraders’ are planning to either make it a smart home (44 per cent), more modern (43 per cent), more aesthetically appealing (39 per cent), and/or more energy efficient (37 per cent). Bathrooms are the main area homeowners plan to upgrade this year, followed by bedrooms, then kitchen, living spaces, and exterior. Of those that are planning to upgrade or remodel their homes in 2021, nearly 70 per cent plan to do a complete remodel to their bathroom(s). Areas of the bathroom they plan to upgrade (in order from most popular to least) are toilets, showers, cabinets, faucets, and sinks. Forty-two per cent say the plan to install a bidet. Sixty-two per cent of homeowners plan to upgrade the kitchen. Areas in the kitchen they plan to remodel include cabinets, countertop, flooring, sinks, and faucets.