Woman Sentenced For Defrauding Weyerhaeuser Out Of Millions

A former long-time employee of Weyerhaeuser has been sentenced to 57 months in federal prison, three years’ supervised release, and ordered to pay more than $5.3 million in restitution for defrauding the company out of millions of dollars. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) says 62-year-old Susan Tranberg, who worked in the accounting and finance departments of Oregon-based Weyerhaeuser for over 40 years, was sentenced to prison for defrauding the company out of more than $4.5 million. Tranberg plead guilty to mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, and tax evasion in January. She defrauded the company by submitting fraudulent invoices for payment to a fake vendor she created. OPB says the court determined that the vast majority of the money she obtained illegally was used to fund a lavish lifestyle of expensive dinners, vacations, six-figure wedding expenses, and shopping sprees.