Whirlpool Launches Washer With Removable Agitator

Whirlpool has launched a top load washer with a two-in-one removable agitator. This agitator enables consumers to customize any load of laundry by swapping the agitator post in or out. Agitators can take on tough loads, without being tough on clothes. With the agitator, multiple wash motions gently move clothes up, down and side to side throughout the cycle. When more space is needed, the agitator can be removed to create an impeller washer that will allow for more room in the washer basket for bulkier articles. Impeller wash action cleans by rubbing the fabrics against each other, while the design of the impeller's surface helps drive clothes from the outer rim to the centre. The unit also features a load and go dispenser, a pre-treat station, smart features, intuitive controls, and sanitizing cycles.