Polycor Sets Carbon Neutral Goals

Polycor Inc., a global quarrier of natural stone will, in honour of Earth Day, plan to be carbon neutral by the end of 2025. The Quebec City, QC, firm is the first natural stone quarrier to make a firm commitment to carbon neutrality and among the first in the manufacturing industry to take a leadership role on the essential work of decarbonization. “As a company operating in several countries, it is our duty to act for the future and ensure that our activities are respectful of the environment and the planet's resources. Polycor has a history and brand focused on global leadership, with a reputation of prioritizing and fostering sustainability, innovation, and environmental stewardship,” says Patrick Perus, its CEO. “Our move toward being carbon neutral by 2025 puts the company five years ahead of the curve set by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s call to become carbon neutral by 2030.