Bringg Focuses On Last-mile Sustainability Practices

Bringg, a delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, has launched its ‘BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice.’ Its solutions focus on green fleet selection, carbon reporting, transparent internal and external sustainability communications, and business innovation to provide a competitive advantage for retailers as consumers increasingly support those with sustainability investments. The new suite of solutions was purpose built to help retailers and their logistics providers reduce carbon footprints by focusing on last mile operations that can be more eco-efficient and, in turn, have a positive impact on the environment. "According to the World Economic Forum, eCommerce growth will lead to a 30 per cent increase in delivery related carbon emissions by 2030. Now is the time for retailers to invest in reducing their carbon footprint and do their part to help improve the quality of our global environment," says Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg. Rolled out on Earth Day and throughout 2021, it will offer routing that optimizes for lower fuel consumption; eco-friendly fleet selection for retailers who want to prioritize green vehicles; and order batching to decrease routes driven.