BC To Invest In Mass Timber Construction

The province of British Columbia is providing funding for 12 mass timber demonstration and research projects and has established a new advisory council to accelerate the adoption of mass timber building systems, as part of its economic recovery. “As we work to put the pandemic behind us, we will continue making strategic investments that position BC to come back stronger on the other side,” says John Horgan, the province’s premier. “Mass timber is good for forestry-dependent communities, workers, and the environment because it adds value rather than just volume. That’s why growing the sector is key to building a strong and sustainable economic recovery that reaches everyone.” The $4.2-million investment will help urban planners and developers adopt mass timber building systems by supporting the incremental or first-time costs of design development, research, permitting, and construction activities. The projects will help advance CleanBC goals by sourcing from sustainably managed forests that have a lower carbon footprint. The province is also introducing a new mass timber advisory council. The advisory council is a group of experts from urban planning and development, First Nations, forest products industry, environmental non-profits, academia, and local governments. The council will provide advice and guidance towards establishing BC as a leader in the production and use of mass timber, as well as the creation of a mass timber action plan.