Employees More Loyal Despite Challenges

Amid the elevated anxiety, stress, and exhaustion during COVID-19, the pandemic has also resulted in improved loyalty to employers and a stronger sense of purpose in the workforce, says a poll by KPMG in Canada. The biggest workplace challenges, say full-time Canadian employees, include work/life balance, isolation, COVID-19 exposure, and a heavy workload. Four in five (80 per cent) say their employer has treated them fairly during the pandemic, of which 18 per cent described the first few months of the pandemic as "rocky," but their employer pivoted, making "positive adjustments along the way." But, nearly half say their workload is heavier than it was pre-pandemic. Nearly three in five (59 per cent) find more purpose in their jobs today, saying they feel more motivated and engaged and that they are making more of an impact compared to before the pandemic.