Aging Population Drives Growth For Gutter Guards

Growth for gutter guards in the U.S. will continue to outpace gains for gutters and downspouts overall as these products see increasing use – especially in the residential market – as consumers opt for these projects to greatly reduce the need for periodic gutter cleaning and maintenance, says a report from the Freedonia Group. Demand for gutter guards in value terms is expected to rise an average of 2.5 per cent per year to $746 million in 2025. In linear feet, demand for gutter guards is projected to increase an average of 1.2 per cent annually to 362.4 million in 2025. The aging population will drive demand as many older consumers do not want to get on ladders and clean gutters and will opt to add gutter guards as a more permanent solution to the problem. As well, owners of homes with basement foundations will want to minimize leaks and damage caused by flooded basements so they will install gutter guards to minimize the risk of leaks and water backups.