Employees Biggest Concern Is Timely Pay

While employers frequently turn to 'perks' such as free lunches, casual dress, gym memberships and pet-friendly offices to try to connect with the next generation, younger workers are not as different from their older peers as originally thought with a foremost concern for accurate and timely pay, says the ‘Canadian Payroll Association Essential Benefits Survey.’ Nearly four out of five respondents say consistent and accurate pay is an essential benefit of employment that they could not work without. This result was consistent across all age demographics, with 78 per cent of Generation Z, 83 per cent of Millennials, 79 per cent of Generation X, and 74 per cent of Baby Boomers identifying pay as essential. By comparison, health and dental benefits (61 per cent), RRSP programs and pension plans (43 per cent), flexible working arrangements (38 per cent), training and development opportunities (35 per cent), additional vacation time (30 per cent), and work perks (12 per cent) were all deemed to be essential by significantly fewer respondents. The data shows that when pay is mismanaged, a breakdown in both trust and the overall relationship between employer and employee is more likely than when other benefits are similarly compromised.