Paint Recycling Changes Coming To Four Provinces

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec are in the process of implementing changes to their recycling initiatives, says the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA). For the foreseeable future, only producers in Ontario will be impacted, but changes in the other three provinces are on the horizon. In Ontario, CPCA is working closely with Product Care and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks to challenge problematic aspects of the upcoming hazardous and special products (HSP) regulation. British Columbia and Alberta are both moving towards programs that emphasize extended producer responsibility, which could lead to some of the same issues that CPCA has had to deal with in Ontario. As a result, CPCA advised Alberta, which raised the prospect of an Ontario-type oversight agency, to cease and desist immediately as it will only add more costs and red tape for producers in Alberta and increased cost for consumers, with little prospect of improved waste recovery outcomes. CPCA says it appears that no changes are anticipated for the current paint recycling program under Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), as it have done a credible job for paint manufacturers in the province without excessive red tape. Similarly, a new Quebec Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy is being rolled out that puts the responsibility on brand owners to meet specific targets, which will likely require the industry to invest in collection and processing infrastructure. However, at this point, it does not envision changes to the paint recycling regime as it has been operating well in Quebec for many years under Éco-peinture.