Business Leaders Cautiously Optimistic

Most Canadian business executives are cautiously optimistic about the likelihood of the COVID outbreak being contained and safely returning to normal activities over the next 12 months, says a survey from the Business Monitor, released by Modus Research. This question was asked in October and December of 2020, and again in April 2021. Optimism over a return to normality has more than doubled since October, albeit still below a quarter of business leaders. Most are at least cautiously optimistic on a return to normality, while a sizable minority remain strongly pessimistic. In April 2021, 22 per cent of executives said it is very likely that the outbreak will be contained and people will return to normal activities in the next 12 months. Twenty per cent believe it is unlikely to happen and 56 per cent were undecided. In October 2020, only nine per cent of executives said the outbreak containment and a return to normality is likely to happen.