Online Shopping Dominates Despite Lessening Restrictions

Canadians monthly online spending up by $2 billion compared to pre-pandemic, says Paypal Canada’s ‘2021 Consumer Shopping Study.’ The study says Canadians spend $178 monthly shopping online, an increase of $69 compared to pre-pandemic. This increase includes a significant jump in online grocery shopping, an increase from 30 per cent of Canadians shopping online in April 2020 up to 49 per cent, year-over-year. Also, home office furnishings and equipment went from 42 per cent to 56 per cent, fitness equipment, apps, or programs from 25 per cent to 41 per cent, and school supplies from 23 per cent up to 38 per cent. Additionally, 61 per cent of Canadians want a cashier-less shopping experience going forward, and 28 per cent don’t expect to shop with physical cash any time in the near future. However, top deterrents to online shopping for Canadians are shipping costs (53 per cent), delivery time (51 per cent), and one in five Canadians are worried about securely transacting online.