Manufacturing Sales Continue Decline

Manufacturing sales fell 0.6 per cent to $57.9 billion in May, the second consecutive monthly decline, says Statistics Canada. The decline can be attributed to the machinery, chemical, and fabricated metal industries. Sales of machinery declined 16.9 per cent to $3.1 billion in May, mainly due to lower sales of agricultural, construction, and mining machinery from delay in shipments. Additionally, chemical product sales decreased two per cent to $5.2 billion in May, and sales in the fabricated metal product industry fell 1.8 per cent to $3.6 billion. Manufacturing sales declined in Ontario (down one per cent to $24 billion), Manitoba (down 6.6 per cent to $1.7 billion), and Quebec (down 11.1 per cent to $1.1 billion), but Alberta saw the largest increase, up 1.6 per cent to $7.2 billion. On the other end, sales of wood product manufacturing increased, followed by primary metal. Lumber and other wood products went up over 17 per cent and prices of raw materials purchased by manufacturers rose 3.2 per cent.