Retrofits Will Make Canadian Buildings More ‘Livable’

‘A renovation wave’ of decarbonization retrofits for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings could create jobs, generate $48 billion in economic development per year, and save in healthcare costs, says a study by the Pembina Institute, a non-profit think-tank that advocates for clean energy. The study says investing in energy renovations would reduce heat-related deaths and provide protection from extreme weather brought on by climate change with cooling and better insulated homes. “Heat pumps will reduce the impact of deadly heat waves as they cool homes, in addition to heating them. Retrofits make Canadian homes more resilient to extreme weather and floods,” says Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, director of buildings and urban solutions at Pembina Institute. “A massive investment is needed in our housing infrastructure and the health of Canadians, but it will pay for itself more than twice over in job creation, GDP (gross domestic product) growth, and increased tax revenues.”