Backyard Upgrade Remains Top Project

In the last year, 17 per cent of Canadians improved their home space through renovations, with the most popular renovation being backyard changes, says a survey by Aviva Canada. Canadian homeowners who renovated in the past year spent an average of $4,525. The priciest home changes on average included adding an addition to their home (average spend of $10,800), renovating their backyard (average spend of $6,222), renovating their basement to add an entertainment space (average spend of $3,789), and renovating to add a work from home office (average spend of $2,796). In the next 12 months, 13 per cent of Canadians plan to make changes to their home through renovations. Of this group, two thirds will renovate their backyard, while the remainder will renovate their basement to add an entertainment area/additional living space. Canadians with children under 18 living at home are twice as likely (36 per cent) to be considering a renovation compared to those without children under 18 (18 per cent). One-third of those who made changes to their home hired someone to complete the work, with most tackling it themselves.