Tool Uses X-ray Vision To See Into Walls

Vayyar Imaging’s Walabot DIY 2 is an upgraded version of the company’s original visual stud finder. It is a Wi-Fi enabled scanner that pairs with smartphones providing 4D imaging radar – a type of X-ray vision – to see inside a wall. The device is built around advanced 4D radio frequency technology and can see four inches into drywall. It also provides dual modes: ‘images’ mode shows a full visual of the pipes, wires, and studs inside a wall on the smartphone screen, while ‘expert’ mode displays the raw radio frequency data. The unit is for DIYers and professional tradespeople to find the dead centre of every stud and reduce the danger and cost of drilling into electrical wiring or water pipes. It can visually distinguish between wooden and metal studs and can track the routes of pipe and wires. It even detects rodent movement, making it a popular tool for exterminators. It is fully compatible with Apple iPhones and Android devices and includes a rechargeable internal battery for prolonged use.