Businesses Support Mandatory Vaccinations

Sixty-two per cent of Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses are making or plan to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for their employees, says a survey by KPMG in Canada. Also, the majority (84 per cent) support mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports to avoid another lock down and 90 per cent feel they are well-prepared and organized in bringing employees back into the workplace safely. "In general, we recommend that employers receive legal advice when putting in place any COVID-19 safety measures to reduce a wide range of risks,” says Norm Keith, partner at KPMG Law LLP. “This includes implementation of a vaccination policy that clearly communicates employer commitments and expectations for employee safety." Additionally, 85 per cent of male respondents support vaccine passports versus 79 per cent of women. Support for mandatory vaccination was also slightly higher for men (85 per cent) than women (81 per cent).