Homeowners Want Roofers With Good Reputation

Most homeowners (92 per cent), when hiring a company to repair or replace a roof, are more likely to choose a roofing company with an outstanding reputation or reliable track record over one that does not, says a consumer survey from Beacon. The roof is integral to the safety of a home, says Jamie Samide, Beacon’s vice-president of marketing. “When issues arise, homeowners want a contractor who has a top-notch reputation and offers the best services for their money.” The survey says that a vast majority of homeowners would be more likely to choose a company with a strong record of safety (90 per cent), licenses/certifications (89 per cent), and on-time/accurate deliveries (88 per cent) over one that does not possess those characteristics when repairing or replacing their roof. Homeowners are also more likely to select a company the offers a pricing quote at the consultation, a wide selection of products, nationally recognized brands, the lowest pricing, financing options, and digital visualization tools.