WORX Debuts 5-inch Pruning Saw

WORX’ 20V Power Share 5-inch Pruning Saw has the cutting power and efficiency of a chainsaw in an ultra-compact and portable design. The cordless pruning saw also features an offset bar and chain that provides an unobstructed line-of-sight for making cuts. Ideal for pruning bushes, trimming branches, delimbing fallen trees, and bucking logs (cutting them into lengths), the saw’s portability also allows on-the-go cutting of logs for campfires, maintaining wooded properties, and clearing damage from storms and high winds. The product weighs 3.86 pounds with battery and can be equipped with an optional pruning pole. For user protection, the saw is equipped with a retractable bar and chain guard, as well as a guarded handle design for additional hand protection. The bar and chain guard automatically retracts when cutting from above and can be easily retracted manually when under-cutting is required.