Manufacturing Sales Drop

Following a 3.6 per cent increase in June, manufacturing sales fell 1.5 per cent in July to $59.6 billion, says Statistics Canada. Sales fell for the wood product (down 21.8 per cent), aerospace product and parts (down 19.0 per cent), miscellaneous (down 12.1 per cent), and petroleum and coal product (down 2.3 per cent) industries. However, sales increased for the motor vehicles (up 13.5 per cent), primary metal (up 3.9 per cent), and motor vehicle parts (up 7.6 per cent) industries, as well as total sales were up 12.2 per cent in July year-over-year. Also, while sales in constant dollars declined 3.9 per cent in July, the price of lumber and other wood products dropped 23 per cent. Exports of forestry products, building, and packaging materials fell 12.7 per cent in July.