Natural Shades Headline 2022 Colours Of The Year

Natural shades that evoke warmth, calm, and comfort make up Valspar’s ‘2022 Colours of the Year.’ With this palette, the paint manufacturer seeks to empower consumers to think positively about the future while creating spaces in their homes that provide solace and a comfortable feeling in the present. The colours include: Blanched Thyme, a natural green shade to encourage calm; Gilded Linen, an off-white that is soft and cozy; Delightful Moon, a warm shade of yellow that radiates warmth; Lilac Lane, a fresh shade of purple with beautiful versatility; Mountain River, a natural blue hue with depth; Orchid Ash, an off-white that is pure and clean; Grey Suit, a warm grey that is dependable and reliable; Subtle Peach, a simple pastel that brings homeowners back to basics; Rustic Oak, a warm shade reminiscent of copper; Sunset Curtains, a familiar and warm neutral that evokes comfort; Country Charm, a yellow-beige neutral shade that creates a space to relax and unwind; and Fired Earth, a classic brown shade with warm depth.