DEWALT To Debut Charging Kit And Cutter

DEWALT is launching a USB Charging Kit and 20V MAX XR Brushless Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cutter. The charging kit utilizes power delivery technology to rapidly charge a range of devices in a compact and portable design. Featuring a 100W bi-directional C-port, users can input power to charge DEWALT 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT batteries, and output power to charge a range of business critical and personal devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops up to 100W. It also features a USB-A port, allowing users to charge devices up to 12W using traditional USB cords. The wire mesh cable tray cutter has a compact, right angle design allowing users to work in tight spaces and in multiple orientations using the 360° rotatable head with four detent positions. It can be tracked virtually on the jobsite via the DEWALT TOOL CONNECT Site Manager app and is LANYARD READY compatible. This power tool is designed to cut carbon steel and stainless-steel wire mesh cable trays up to 6mm, while reducing burrs and the need for filing with blunted cuts.