EZShop Hosts Training Day For Retailers

EZShop is holding ‘eCom Day,’ featuring speakers such as Tarek Riman, author and professor; Cat Ong, photographer at Cliick agency; Yonika Brault, social media director at EZShop; and Adrian Salvadore, head of marketing at EZShop. This event will give retail owners insights into a variety of eCom-specific topics such as SEO (search engine optimization) for eCommerce, tips for succeeding in eCommerce photography, winning on social media, and driving eCom sales and store branding with Google Ads. EZShop is a fully integrated eCommerce partner for retailers that provides retail-only digital support for website development, branding, and eCommerce marketing. It takes place November 6 and 7 in Montreal, QC. For information, visit eCom Day