Panasonic Launches Indoor Air Quality Partner Program

Panasonic has launched a partner program called Breathe Well, an end-to-end solution to the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketplaces to improve healthy indoor air quality and overall wellbeing in the spaces where people live and work. The partner program aims to build up distributor and dealer networks, so Panasonic can lend its expertise to third parties to expand upon air quality expertise. The Breathe Well three-part integrated solution works as a cohesive unit to remove moisture, odours, and indoor pollutants by exhausting harmful stale air and supplying fresh filtered air from the outside with the nanoe X, an air purifying technology that produces hydroxyl (OH) radicals, improving the ability of HVAC systems to remove bad odours and other airborne contaminants such as allergens and pollen. Dealers engaged in the program gain access to benefits including co-op marketing funds, designation on dealer locator as Panasonic Breathe Well Partner, lead generation for sales, and marketing collateral and co-marketing opportunities.