U.S. Contractors Optimistic For 2022

Home improvement professionals in the U.S. say they posted a banner year and see no slowdown in sight, says Lowe's in its ‘Pro Pulse Survey.’ While most pros use the year's end to wrap projects and reset, more than 70 per cent of expect to be busier than ever this winter. The survey shows an increased demand for professional help with home improvement projects, with 80 per cent of survey respondents saying now more than ever there is a need for home improvement professionals. Pros reported an average of nearly 11 projects per month in 2021 and expect that to increase by 45 per cent in 2022. They expect to see increased demand for projects aimed at adding functionality for homeowners – with the number one project expected to be updates for energy efficiency. As for the tools they will use, 69 per cent of pros say they are shifting away from gas-powered tools to battery-powered tools.