Supply Chain Disruptions Need Attention

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce wants the province to put more focus on Canada’s current and pressing challenges, including supply chain disruptions and labour shortages. In its response to Ontario’s ‘Speech from the Throne,’ Rocco Rossi, its president & CEO, said the speech “indicates the government’s plans to continue to focus on managing the pandemic and safely reopening our economy. However, returning to normal and restoring business confidence will require the government to clearly outline its plan and priorities for economic growth and work with the business community to ensure predictability and transparency.” He said committing to additional business supports, prioritizing childcare, concentrating on climate change, focusing on affordability and housing, and moving faster on the path to reconciliation are positive measures in the speech. The government also has other opportunities to support growth in the country, he said. “Effective policies do not always come with a price tag. Government must protect its investments by reducing the barriers to growth – outdated legislation, policy and regulation; an inefficient and overly complex tax system; and obstacles to inter-provincial trade and labour mobility.”