Evolving Home Life Enhances IKEA Canada Sales

IKEA Canada had sales of $2.59 billion for the year ending August 31, 2021, up 11.8 per cent over sales for its fiscal 2020 year. Online sales increased by 161.5 per cent to $969.48 million. Online visits to IKEA.ca and the IKEA app increased by 32 per cent to 236 million. The retailers says the sales increase reflects that life at home continues to evolve despite another unpredictable year and continued economic challenges posed by COVID-19. IKEA Canada customer distribution centres handled 1.8 million orders in 2021 (a 63 per cent increase from last year), while IKEA co-workers filled an average of 4,195 Click and Collect orders per day (up from an average of 645 orders per day, pre-pandemic).